Star Sun Burst - A Public Art Installation

Created by Tatyana Murray

Hudson Street bet. Franklin & Ericsson Streets, New York City - Opening September 2010

Star Sun Burst is an out-door installation created by artist Tatyana Murray. The work, inspired by the brilliance of the white and blue light of Manhattan's sky, plays directly off the surrounding environment, picking up on the changes and nuances of the weather and time of day.
The glowing effects of the reflective ropes are reminiscent of natural light strokes. The voids, created by the circular patterns, bring together the sky and what is to be, as if they were one and whole. The installation constantly evolves depending on the placement of the sun and its intensity, giving the piece a life of its own...

“Star Sun Burst” will be installed along the 200 ft of plywood wall that surround 56 Leonard Street, and will be up for close to a year.

Re: Construction is a public art program produced by The Downtown Alliance. The project is curated by Ayelet Daniele Aldouby and Elinor Milchan of ARTEA Projects.

About Tatyana Murray

Tatyana Murray grew up in England, and though she took many art classes both in London and New York (SVA and NYU), she considers herself a self-taught artist who developed her own multi-media techniques over the years. Her work has been exhibited, since 1997, in solo and group exhibitions, both in galleries and arts foundation in Manhattan, London, Paris and Vienna. (New York: I20 Gallery, James Graham & Sons, JG Contemporary, National Arts Club. London: Blains Fine Art. Vienna: Habres & Partners.) She is a multi-media artist for whom light and its effect, play an essential role in her work.

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